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Welcome! Our site has pictures of our favorite adventure travel trips. After George began editing the web site for the Rotary Club of Evanston Lighthouse, he realized that a class on web site design would be very helpful. George began working on this site in the spring of 2010 when he took a class called Building a Web Page. The class project was to build a web site using HTML and a text editor. The bicycle trips before 2010 are from his class project. We enjoy updating this site to share pictures from recent trips.

Seattle to Portland by bike in a little over 13 hours

George and bike at STP finish

I sneaked out the back door of Joe and Kris' house near the University of Washington at 4:15 a.m. Within fifteen minutes, I was riding across the University Bridge with other cyclists heading for Portland. Getting an early start is a great way to avoid the congestion when thousands of other cyclists line up near Husky Stadium to start at 4:45 a.m. STP is a joint fundraiser for the Cascade Bicycle Club and Washington Bikes. My first STP ride was in 2009. This was my third STP ride and the first time that I rode through JBLM, the huge military base just south of Tacoma. The following link shows a map and statistics from my Garmen: George's big ride .

Bike Camping from Portland to Eugene

George and Don with a very large duck in Eugene

I joined four other bike campers on a six-day trip beginning in late June. Great scenery, perfect weather, and hearty meals made this trip a lot of fun. Here is a link to more pictures:   More pictures.

Timberline Lodge on Mt Hood

In mid-April, we enjoyed two days at Timberline Lodge. Blue skies created beautiful views. The lodge was built in the mid-1930s by the Works Progress Administration. Boulders and timber came from the immediate area. Local craftworkers constructed furniture. Artisans crafted numerous carvings, murals, rugs, and other furnishing. President Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated Timberline Lodge and the Bonneville Dam on September 28, 1937. The lodge is a national historic landmark that is publically owned and privately operated. Timberline is now part of a large downhill ski area with extensive facilities.

George and Yvonne on the terrace facing Mt Hood
We loved the Adirondack chairs on the terrace facing Mt Hood.

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