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Welcome! Our site has pictures of our favorite adventure travel trips. After George began editing the web site for the Rotary Club of Evanston Lighthouse, he realized that a class on web site design would be very helpful. George began working on this site in the spring of 2010 when he took a class called Building a Web Page. The class project was to build a web site using HTML and a text editor. The bicycle trips before 2010 are from his class project. We enjoy updating this site to share pictures from recent trips.

Trail Work at Mt Rainier with the Sierra Club

In mid-September, we joined a group of 14 Sierra Club volunteers for trail maintenance work. We camped at Mowich Lake in the Northwest corner of Mt. Rainier National Park. A Sierra Club leader did a great job organizing the trip. A Sierra Club cook prepared delicious meals with two rotating helpers. A park ranger provided tools (shovels, pick axes, and buckets) and supervised our work. Most of the trail work was on the Spray Park Trail which meant hiking up to three miles to the work site. But the last day we worked on the trail along Mowich Lake which was less than a mile away.

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Mt Rainier
Mt. Rainier, with an elevation of 14,410 feet, is the highest point in the Cascade Range. In 1899, 378 square miles around Mt. Rainier became America's fifth national park.

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Paddle Oregon 2015

Yvonne and George

In August, We joined about 100 paddlers in our second Paddle Oregon. This five day paddling trip on the Willamette River with catered meals is our favorite canoe trip since moving to Oregon. The weather was warm and sunny. And this adventure ended only about an hour from home.

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McKenzie Pass by bike

Scenic byway sign

On May 30th, George joined hundreds of cyclists on the Ride for Two Rivers. Starting in Sisters, with an elevation of 3,200 ft., the ride reached the summit of McKenzie Pass, with an elevation of 5,325 ft., sixteen miles into the ride. From the lava fields at the top of McKenzie Pass, you have clear views of Mt. Washington to the north and Three Sisters to the south. Old-growth fir and ponderosa pine forests along the route add to the beauty. Late May, before the road is open to motor vehicles, is the best time to ride the McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway. The narrow two lane road has many tight turns, but high speeds are possible shooting down long straight sections. George completed the full 62.5 miles round trip from Sisters to the snow gate near Belkamp Hot Springs climbing and descending McKenzie Pass twice.

Pictures from the rest stop at the top of the pass:

George at McKenzie Pass summit George by McKenzie Pass Summit Cyclists in front of Mt Washington Cyclists at rest stop George in front of Sisters Mountains George with Sisters Mountains in background