Our web site

Welcome! This site has pictures of our favorite adventure travel trips. George began working on the site in the spring of 2010 when he took a class at Oakton Community College called Building a Web Page. The class project was to build a web site using html and a text editor. The bicycle trips are from the class project, except for the Michigan trip in 2010. What started out as a need to learn how to edit his Rotary Club web site turned into an opportunity to share pictures of our adventure trips.

Silver Falls State Park

We camped at Silver Falls State Park for the first time during the last week in April. It’s only about 65 miles from home! Oregon’s largest state park has year-round camping with almost 100 campsites, 14 cabins, and a group horse camp. Many species of wildlife, including black bear and cougar, roam through the park, but bears and cougars are very seldom seen. The main attraction for us was the nine mile Trail of Ten Falls. We saw seven of the water falls during our two days of hiking.